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Surviving the Summer Heat

24 July 2017 by Team Stout

  With the longer days of summer, there’s more time to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities but sometimes it’s too hot to handle. Don’t be a victim to heat stroke, dehydration and sunburns if you’re not prepared or cautious of the summer elements. Here are some tips to help you...


24 December 2016 by Team Stout

What does “BELIEVE” mean to you?   Two years ago, we decided to believe in ourselves and embark on an adventure to help others and make a small but positive difference in our incredible world.   We believed in a reputable local laboratory to source out the best natural ingredients...

Stuff his Stocking with Stoüt this Holiday Season

05 November 2016 by Team Stout

Just in time for the 2016 Holiday Season:  Stoüt Daily SPF for Men, a brand-new “all-in-one” natural SPF antioxidant face cream     Traditionally, men get stuck with gifts they don’t want but need during the holiday season – ties, socks, underwear. Launching just in time for the 2016 holiday...

5 Ways to Keep Up Your Outdoor Exercise Through Autumn

22 September 2016 by Team Stout

With the cooler temperatures, unpredictable weather and shorter days in Autumn, it’s tempting to take your workout indoors until Spring. However, by making some simple changes to your routine, you can keep enjoying your outdoor activities throughout the season.   Warm-up and stretch When it’s cold, our bodies need time...

Tips to better manage your morning rush

31 August 2016 by Team Stout

The lazy dog days of summer are almost over when September snaps us back into the madness of the morning rush. For the past two months you’ve been enjoying late summer nights drinking beers around the fire and casual days at the beach and golf course while sporting a 5-o-clock...

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