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The lazy dog days of summer are almost over when September snaps us back into the madness of the morning rush. For the past two months you’ve been enjoying late summer nights drinking beers around the fire and casual days at the beach and golf course while sporting a 5-o-clock shadow all day long. Here are five tips so you can effortlessly transition back into the daily grind like a professional.


  1. Start getting ready the night before
The key to starting the day off right is preparing the night before. Make a to-do list of your priorities for the next day. Are you going to the gym? Do you have any important meetings where you need to be looking your best? Lay out your clothes and shoes for the day so that you’re not scrambling in the wee hours of the morning. Most importantly – get to bed early so you are not hitting the snooze bar in the morning. Being well rested is the top performing indicator for a better morning.


  1. Maximize your shower time

Ask yourself if you need to shampoo everyday – many men can still sport great hair if they only shampoo every other day. Save more time in the morning by shaving in the shower. The steam will help pores relax and soften the skin for a smooth shave. Invest in a fogless shower mirror for an optimum shaving experience. Use your shower and steam time to think about your day ahead and what goals you want to accomplish.


  1. Use an “all-in-one” face cream

Save time, counter space and money by investing in a premium “all-in-one” face cream. Stoüt Daily SPF for Men addresses common skincare concerns of protection, hydration and rejuvenation in just one application. Stoüt is specifically formulated with non-nano zinc oxide to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and includes all natural moisturizers to hydrate the skin, essential oils and menthol to provide an aftershave cooling effect, and antioxidant protection against pollution and the effects of aging.


  1. Keep breakfast simple

Weekday mornings are not the time for a big brunch but your body needs protein and proper nutrition to get through the day. Instead of skipping breakfast, eat a couple whole foods that need little to no prep time. A banana or apple and a spoonful of nut butter, hard boiled egg, or a quick protein shake or protein bar will keep your energy levels up and satisfy your hunger so that you’re not dashing to the closest coffee shop or fast food joint by 10 a.m.


  1. Meditate and be grateful

Before leaving the house and battling the morning rush hour commute, be sure to take a couple moments to breathe deeply, meditate and express gratitude for the day. This is best done when you first wake up, in the shower or while you enjoy a morning coffee and breakfast. This does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. Start by taking one minute to think about one thing you are grateful for and build from there. It’s your time to start your day in a positive manner, which will help you manage any stresses that are brought your way.