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Is a Sunscreen for the Face the Same as a Daily Moisturizer with SPF?

28 February 2018 by Team Stout

Some people have asked, is Stoüt a sunscreen or a face cream? Actually, it’s both because we need to wear both a daily SPF and antioxidants to help protect and rejuvenate our skin. A few years ago, after a skin cancer scare, I asked a dermatologist how best to protect...

Props from the Press - Stoüt Reviews

05 September 2017 by Team Stout

Props from the Press - Stoüt Reviews Here are some recent Stoüt Daily SPF for Men reviews from the media. Thanks for taking care of your skin - protect, hydrate and rejuvenate! Vancouver Sun This Just In: Stoüt Daily SPF for Men 15We say: Hands down, one of the best smelling...

Tips to better manage your morning rush

31 August 2016 by Team Stout

The lazy dog days of summer are almost over when September snaps us back into the madness of the morning rush. For the past two months you’ve been enjoying late summer nights drinking beers around the fire and casual days at the beach and golf course while sporting a 5-o-clock...

The Importance of Skin Care for Men

07 July 2016 by Team Stout

It’s fair to say that at one time, men would never have even considered maintaining a healthy skin care regimen. In my grandfather’s day, washing with soap and water was as far as it went. If I remember correctly, his was a face lined with age, and worn by hours out in the sun.

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