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Stoüt is an all natural, all-in-one SPF cream for men. It uses organic ingredients and advanced moisturizers that produce anti-aging, and anti-pollution effects. Our staff was lucky enough to interview project creator Andrew Brown and discuss how the idea came into being. He was very determined in convincing men to care more about their skin. They are aiming to raise 25,000 CAD by July 17. Support their Kickstarter campaign here.

You can also check out their website:

Describe the process before getting ready to launch?

It was about a 1.5-year process coming up with the idea, brand, and formulating the product.

How did you first get the idea for the project?

The idea came after a skin cancer scare I had a few years ago. I became frustrated with the selection of daily SPF moisturizers for men. I wanted something with natural and organic ingredients, and there wasn’t anything available specifically for men.

Stout Face Cream

Where did the name Stout come from? Who’s idea was it?

I liked the meaning of it being bold and dauntless. Plus I watch a lot of NFL football, and it’s a term typically used to describe a good defense. I put an accent above the “u”, as it is a Canadian brand, and apparently we pronounce about – aboot. So why not stout sounding like stoot?

What were the most important parts of making the video?

I tried to make it funny so that people would enjoy watching, but also would convey the message of taking care of your skin.

How has the project been different than what you imagined?

It is very challenging to grab attention outside your social circle. Kickstarter is an awesome platform for launching new ideas, but there is a science to being successful at it.

Who has been the most important person in the campaign? Can you tell me about their role?

My wife of course! Seriously, she has been instrumental in helping with all aspects of organizing the campaign and making things look great.

What is the first question people ask about the project?

Do most guys really care about protecting their face year round? Probably not, so it is my mission to change the way they think about their daily routine.

Stout Daily SPF Cream for Men

Why did you choose to crowdfund?

I wanted to test the brand out and get honest feedback. If people didn’t like it, then I would iterate and try again. So far the feedback has very positive.

What is your biggest regret of the project so far?

Not doing it sooner.

What is the first response when you tell people about the project for the first time? What do they say?

Great video! Super funny.

What’s your message to all your backers & supporters?

Your support has been amazing so far. You have my commitment to keep pushing right until the end. I can’t wait to bring this project to fruition.

Anything we missed that you wanted to include?

I had a blast doing this so far, and I hope the fun continues.

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