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Before you grab your clubs and race to the nearest course, check out the following 5 tips from fellow Canadian golfer, Dan Mann of MyGolfSpy that will help you get the most out of your money, time and performance this golf season.

  1. Clean your clubs. If it's been a while get your loft and lie angles checked. Check your grips and make sure they're not worn.
  1. Stretch and foam roll (or your body might go in shock after your first range session - ugh).
  1. Make a quick visit to your pro to make sure you're not starting with any bad habits.
  1. Check shoe spikes if worn and need replacing.
  1. And please, pretty please get new shirts and check your pant tapers, last year's styles are so out now LOL.

Thanks for the tips Dan! We appreciate your focus on unbiased truth and performance for today’s golfer through MyGolfSpy.

Bonus tip from Team Stoüt – Restock your golf bag with tees, bug spray, and sunscreen (preferably Stoüt Daily SPF for Men). #playthelonggame

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