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It’s fair to say that at one time, men would never have even considered maintaining a healthy skin care regimen.

In my grandfather’s day, washing with soap and water was as far as it went. If I remember correctly, his was a face lined with age, and worn by hours out in the sun. Today, the majority of men have discovered the healthy benefits of taking care of our skin in a modern world. First off, men should maintain a moisturizing regimen for the same reasons that women do. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it's the first line of defense people have against disease and infection. Therefore, keeping your skin healthy is important not only to your personal comfort, but also to your health. Using a natural skin moisturizer like Stout that includes Organic Shea Butter not only helps treat dry skin, but it can also offer protection if you have sensitive skin due to shaving and other irritants. As an added bonus, a product like Stout that makes use of Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant to block harm from both the sun and environmental pollutants is an almost essential part of every gentleman’s shaving kit in our highly industrialized world. Lastly, but far from least, Stout is an SPF cream that is designed to protect a man’s face from the harmful effects of the sun. By now, everyone should know that you can’t go outside today without some form of UV and sun protection. Stout not only offers solid protection from the sun, but it also happens to do it using a non-nano zinc oxide, that forgoes a lot of the questionable and potentially toxic chemicals that other sunscreen products tend to use. That’s definitely a bonus when you can protect your face safely.

So, while my grandfather, with his weathered face, may not have ever used a product like Stout, it’s certainly something from which he would have derived a benefit, and it’s something all men should be adding to their own overall health regimen.